MyCureAll is a platform that allows insurance companies to reimburse for cannabis that maximizes patient outcomes, while significantly decreasing overall spend by the insurance company. We manage the costs by ensuring the patients are receiving the appropriate strains of cannabis and taking the correct dose at the correct frequency for their particular indication(s). Cannabis does have the ability to decrease opiate overdose and death by approximately 30% compared to the normal population. In addition to a decrease in prescription spending as a result of cannabis, we have seen a decrease in spending for treatment of pain/opioid-related issues: anxiety, depression, nausea, psychosis, sleep disorder, and seizures. By utilizing medical cannabis, we can also decrease how much companies spend by 50%, and more importantly, decrease morbidity and mortality by 50% as well.

Our Values

  • We are responsible for providing the highest level of care and resources to the patients, doctors, and all stakeholders in the medical community.
  • We respect the dignity of the individual and respect the dignity of the individual’s confidentiality of medical treatment.
  • We seek solutions that are scientifically and socially sound, benefiting society with better care at lower costs.
  • We are responsible to those investing in our organization to create fiscally reasonable returns. While delivering significant social benefits.
  • We treat our employees, partners, customers, and  the communities where we live and work with respect and understanding communities where we live and respect and understanding.