Karen Berger, PharmD, Medical Writer

While writing the MyCureAll blog over the past year, I have encountered dozens of patients who have had transportation issues. Working several jobs to pay for medical cannabis and lacking time or other means to drive, sometimes up to an hour, to the closest dispensary, are some of the challenges medical marijuana patients face.

Enter Tiyahnn Bryant. Born in Newark, NJ, and raised in East Orange, Bryant attended Ocean County College and Boise State University. As a student, he enjoyed using cannabis. A few years ago, he was in the car with his cousin, and had a thought. He wondered, “How cool would it be if we could get marjuana delivered to us?” Bryant described the thought as a light going off in his head. Immediately, he said to his cousin, “I gotta go!” and he ran upstairs and started researching night and day. Within days, Bryant developed his first pitch deck for Roll Up Life, Inc

Bryant began joining cannabis communities CannaGather and the NJ Cannabis Association. He attended meetings, and knew that there was something missing for medical marijuana customers/patients. “It ignited a drive in me,” he recalls. Bryant started looking into the transportation industry as a whole – how it worked and how the pricing worked. He learned the laws of each state in regard to cannabis transport. “I had a vision and I followed it. I believed in myself before others believed in me,” he says. 

Bryant registered his company, Roll Up Life, Inc., on November 6, 2019. When Bryant was growing up, one of his close friends was Precious Osagie-Erese. They played basketball together and were connected by their birthdays (Bryant’s is 9/9, and Osagie-Erese’s is 10/10). Not only that, but they were both at the top of the class in school and challenged each other intellectually. They reconnected a few years ago, and Osagie-Erese became chief marketing officer for Roll Up Life, Inc. She handles advertising and social media. “She is heaven sent to this operation,” Bryant says. 

Working together, the duo developed slogans such as “when you need us, we’ll roll up.” The service offered is called Roll Up, and is sort of an Amazon or UberEats of cannabis. Realizing that New Jersey and most of the country lacks reliable transport for both retailers and consumers in the CBD and cannabis industry, Roll Up Life, Inc. sought out to bridge the gap and deliver products to clients. 

Currently, Roll Up Life, Inc., is developing a relationship with Best Buds dispensary to handle local deliveries, and the company is working on expansion of CBD deliveries. They are working on cannabis licensing, and will expand into cannabis delivery as well. “We have to find the right people since marijuana is still a Schedule I drug,” Bryant explains. 

Bryant is working on a cultivation facility, where he hopes to cultivate about 20 different cannabis strains to offer patients. He wants his company to offer the “Gucci of weed.” The brand will be called “Dour” cannabis and will be the luxury, higher-end product that patients will come to rely on and request.

Roll Up Life, Inc. provides a social media platform for the cannabis community to grow and thrive. The website is in the beta phase and offers  live meetings, blogs, video sharing, and hashtags. 

Bryant expects that by 2021, New Jersey will need 50 to 70 dispensaries to serve the growing patient population. “We want to cultivate, and work with all the dispensaries. We want to add everyone to our family,” he says. 

By partnering with dispensaries and brands, Bryant wants to become a one stop shop where dispensaries and cultivators can buy and sell from each other and the transportation will be handled. “Anything for your CannaBiz,” is another slogan they use. 

I asked Bryant what he would say to potential clients/customers who are skeptical of using a cannabis delivery service. He said, “I completely understand. That’s why you need us. Family is one of our core values, and you’re amongst family. You’re amongst like-minded individuals. We’re all tired of being judged. That’s why we offer this service, so we can have our products delivered to us without being judged. We’re here to help you. We want to make life a little bit easier for everyone.” 

MyCureAll is proud to partner with Roll Up Life, Inc., to help make cannabis more accessible to our patients in every community. 


Tiyahnn Bryant, CEO of Roll Up Life, Inc. 

“When You Need Us, We’ll Roll Up”

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