Teletherapy and Technology
the Time of COVID-19

Karen Berger, PharmD, Medical Writer

The MyCureAll family would like to acknowledge all of our fellow front-line workers helping the community during COVID-19 pandemic. As a group of pharmacists and social workers, we are engaged in providing healthcare to the community, too, and appreciate how difficult it is to balance work and family life, while we also have the fear of virus exposure despite taking appropriate precautions. Home schooling, dealing with isolation, and trying to find a balance with work (or for a lot of Americans, sudden unemployment) and personal life is a lot to juggle.  


Jacques Nir, LCSW, director of a large mental health clinic in the Bronx, is the COO of MyCureAll. His clinic supports 1100 patients, and in the last seven weeks, has converted completely to teleservices for mental health and psychiatric services. “Teletherapy allows our patients to remain safe, especially in this pandemic, and continue to receive the services they need, without feeling like they are being denied services and/or medication. Whether it is therapy sessions for individuals or groups, psychiatric medication or medical cannabis, it is important to be able to connect with your healthcare provider to ensure continuation of treatment. We need to provide care during this pandemic without barriers or restrictions,” explains Nir. 


Nir is not the only expert who feels that teletherapy is a critical aspect of healthcare. An article published on carries a powerful warning. National public health group, Well Being Trust conducted an analysis and concluded that “as many as 75,000 Americans could die because of drug or alcohol misuse and suicide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.” This is due to unemployment, the economy, stress, and isolation. Well Being Trust’s chief strategy officer Dr. Benjamin F. Miller told CNN, “Unless we get comprehensive federal, state, and local resources behind improving access to high quality mental health treatments and community supports, I worry we’re likely to see things get far worse when it comes to substance misuse and suicide.” The group recommends utilizing technology to provide mental health services. 


MyCureAll can be used as a telehealth platform for your medical cannabis needs. A client can register, virtually meet with the doctor, consult the dispensary, and can schedule curbside pickup at the dispensary. The entire process is contactless. There has been a large spike in opioid abuse during the COVID-19 epidemic crisis, and cannabis is part of an appropriate medication assisted treatment plan. The teletherapy added to the MyCureAll platform provides that secure “one stop shopping” for the medicinal cannabis client. 


MyCureAll is proud to introduce the Canna-Meter. We have been working around the clock to perfect our technology and we are now ready to introduce the Canna-Meter to the world. The prescriber or bud-tender can assess comparable strains based on their patients presenting qualifying conditions and cannabinoids ratios that have provided them with the best outcome in the past. The Canna-Meter is able to offer a reliable AI recommendation based on meta-analysis studies and input from the Canna-Measure, which is provided by patient feedback. Canna-Meter allows dispensaries to gain knowledge to appropriately provide  alternative strains for their customers’ qualifying conditions based on cannabinoid properties,  and even track their inventory. Insurance companies can review treatment plans and claims that provide proof of the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis to validate reimbursement. 

Canna-Measure provides the patient with interactive feedback on the effectiveness of strains and their cannabinoid properties’ helpfulness, based on their presenting symptoms. After ingesting their favorite recommended medical cannabis, the patient scales their own improvement with all MyCureAll’s “bells and whistles” feature. You can check out our app and the Canna-Meter here!


Check out the Canna-Meter on the MyCureAll website. We also offer pharmacist-formulated CBD products with three certificates of authenticity. Sign our petition to get medical cannabis covered by insurance. 

Our Web App is live for beta and we are seeking a group of patients for this phase. For more information, email or