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Since our last update, the MyCureAll team has developed two tools in order to better assist Medical Providers. Canna-Measure tracks strain performance for a patient. Canna-Meter helps recommend suitable replacement strains for improving a patients treatment plan.  

Our goal is to provide more effective care for Patients, more effective tools for Medical providers and Dispensaries, and of course to provide better information for Insurance Providers to help get Patients covered! 

We hope you enjoy this quick video introducing Canna-Measure and Canna-Meter!

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Cannabis Suppliers

If you are a supplier of Medical Cannabis products such as Medical Cannabis or CBD, you’re going to greatly benefit from aligning yourself with our cause. Unfortunately, cannabis, with its great efficacy, minimal side effects, and zero deaths, is currently very expensive for the patient. High costs are incurred not only for the actual cannabis but also in obtaining authorization by a prescriber. 

We have developed the MyCureAll app to help get Medical Cannabis products covered by all the major insurance carriers including workman’s comp. This would allow for much easier access to your product by the patient and at a lower cost. Dealing with insurance companies can be complicated, which is why we are building a team and a platform to do it all for you. Not only does this make access to your product easier, but we are growing a large network of patients and we make them aware of your offerings via the MyCureAll app and that will increase your brand awareness and reach.


We have developed the MyCureAll app, which has already generated buzz. Now is the right time to get involved as an investor and we have a few options for you. 

We are offering equity in the form of A SAFE which is a Simple Agreement for Future Equity. An investor makes a cash investment in a company, but gets company stock at a later date, in connection with a specific event. A safe is not a debt instrument, but is intended to be an alternative to convertible notes that is beneficial for both companies and investors.

Supporters - We Need You!

Have you or a loved one benefited from cannabis or have seen people hurt by the opioid epidemic?

According to drugabuse.gov, 72,000 people died in 2017 due to drug overdose, a twofold increase in the past decade. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 114 people die daily due to drugs, and 6,748 are sent to hospital emergency rooms daily for treatment.

We are combatting the opioid epidemic by helping to get medical cannabis in the hands of those who need it, at a reasonable cost which they can afford. We need you in order to make all of this happen. The more supporters we have signing our petitions and following our efforts on social media, and by also becoming active members on the app. We can show strength in number with your support and help make it easier to execute on our vision of ending the opioid pandemic. Please subscribe below. 

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