“Cannabis has changed my life - I want to share that joy with others” - Interview with Magaly Diaz

MyCureAll found Magaly Diaz and her amazing cannabis artwork creations in one of the many cannabis groups I have joined over the past year as part of my blog-writing experience with MyCureAll. After seeing such unique and beautiful artwork, I had to find out more to share with our readers! I reached out to Magaly, and she was happy to share her experience with cannabis as artwork and cannabis in general.  

Magaly comes from the West Coast – she lives in sunny Los Angeles with her 3 furbaby cats. Magaly works from home and has many interests and hobbies that occupy her spare time. She enjoys hiking in the morning and playing and creating on the computer in the evening. Also, “music is a huge part of my life. I enjoy podcasting and curating music content for online radio,” she says. 


Like many people who found new hobbies during COVID-19, Magaly did too – with cannabis growing and artwork. “During the 2020 quarantine, I decided to learn how to grow cannabis myself, and the experience has been life-changing. I felt so grateful and proud of my plants that I didn’t have the heart to throw away anything the plant produced. I began to conserve and press the fan leaves I removed during the vegetative phase. Before I knew it, I had an arsenal of dried pressed leaves, and my background in floral design kicked in, and I began to play with pigments and mediums. Although I always saw myself promoting cannabis accessories, I never imagined I’d be creating the pieces myself. I will say I got into this type of work because it was in the stars,” she shares. 


Not a stranger to the benefits of cannabis, Magaly shares that “cannabis has been an essential part of my life for almost a decade.” She always dreamed about starting a cannabis accessories company and has been planning it for the past year. “I wanted to create a line of accessories that reflected how fortunate I am to live in a state where cannabis is legal and that I can consume it freely and without persecution,” she says.


Magaly makes beautiful cannabis creations, mostly with floral design. She is experimenting with other types of flowers and materials in her creations. Her unique creative process with pressed marijuana leaves begins in the grow tent. “Now more than ever, having healthy plants and leaves is a priority, not only as a grower but as an artist. Just like cannabis flowers, fan leaves require a curing period in which I sit for hours at a time, inspecting and gradually adjusting their conditions. This has truly been a process of love,” Magaly says.


I asked Magaly what people like best about her artwork, and she replied, “I think I can connect to other cannabis enthusiasts because my products are LOUD AND PROUD. Nothing says 420-friendly more than a cannabis fan leaf. We need to normalize cannabis, and creating stylized accessories and home decor with that openness in mind makes the connection organic. For example, I’ve seen other companies promote the idea of disguising their bongs as floral vases. That personally makes me cringe. In my home, my smoke station is open and available for everyone to see and enjoy, and my products inspire people to do the same.”


Magaly credits cannabis with helping her anxiety. Not only that, but the actual process of consuming cannabis became therapeutic for her. “I smoke cannabis because it helps me relax and enjoy myself. Being calm and collected is very important to my health and life.” Magaly feels lucky that in the state of California, it is easy to access marijuana. 


At MyCureAll, we study how different strains affect people and various conditions. Magaly enjoys Sativa strains like Maui Wowie and Super Jack to help her be more proactive and optimistic. 


“Living a life free of anxiety and depression is the result of self-care and being able to ground me. Growing cannabis and consuming it has improved my health. Cannabis has changed my life. I want to share that joy with others.”


You can check out Magaly’s work on Facebook and Instagram


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