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Medical cannabis and drug interactions​

So, what about medical cannabis? While we all think of medical cannabis as a plant, we still have to think about potential drug interactions. 

The good news in general with medical cannabis is that serious adverse effects are rare, and deaths from overdose do not occur.  

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“We All Die, And Marijuana Improves The Quality Of Life  Of The Dying Like No Other Drug”  Interview With Activist and Medical Marijuana Patient Ken Wolski

Ken Wolski, RN, MPA, is the Executive Director of CMMNJ (Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey), which was founded in 2003. Ken has been hard at work trying to “enlarge our coalition of individuals and organizations that support cannabis reform. We do so through a series of meetings, conferences, educational programs, regulatory proposals, legislative testimony, rallies, demonstrations, press conferences, media interviews, letters to the editor, Op Eds, debates, symposia, conversations, tables at community events, and through a vibrant presence on the Internet and social media including a website and Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.”  The agenda and minutes from the most recent public meeting can be found here. 

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Super Bowl Sunday 2020​

Sadly, big advertising companies are still affected by the stigma of cannabis, hiring smaller subsidiaries to handle these ads because “they don’t want to touch the stuff.”

In related Super Bowl news out of Vail, Colorado, reports that cannabis sales spike 40% on Super Bowl eve – “many prefer it to drinking because they can avoid a Monday hangover.” Vail Valley dispensaries serve up popular edibles that Super Bowl fanatics enjoy, such as infused ice cream, chocolate bars, stroop waffles, and coffee. Who has the munchies now? 

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Funniest Strain Names

As I delve into researching the medical marijuana world, I see a lot of funny and unusual strain names. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest and funniest names out there, courtesy of,, and Lolwot.

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Unusual marijuana stories in the news the week of January 12

Most kindergarteners bring a teddy bear or special toy to school, but not little “Junior” Richardson in Walker County, Georgia. His first name has not been given, but we will call him Junior for purposes of the story. Little Junior, 5, brought marijuana with him to Rossville Elementary School.

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