Author: Veronica Castillo

Recently, I published: MyCureAll- Introduction- Meet the Team!. I had the best time getting to know a company that is on a mission to “empower insurance companies to reimburse for medical cannabis, while reducing overall healthcare spending”.

MyCureAll is a company dedicated to patients first- we need them and their app! Which is what this piece is all about- The MyCureAll app, an app that is going to change the way that doctors, clients/patients, and providers communicate- and communication just scratches the surface.

Before getting into the app, this information is worth repeating:

  • 1 in 5 people in the United States, or, 40.7 million people, or 12.8% of the population, suffers from a medical condition that meets the definition of disability.
  • Of those in the United States, represented in the figures above, with medical conditions/disabilities, 3,099,934 are medicinal cannabis patients/card holders.
  • Of the 3,099,934 that are medicinal cannabis patients/card holders, 0 number of those people are able to get their medicinal cannabis covered by their health insurance policies

The MyCureAll App

“A lot of sweat, compromise, tears, and sleepless nights went into the idea and then the development of our app. We are very fortunate to have a great innovative team, that is diverse and multi-disciplinary, with professionals that are all experts in their fields and leaders in cannabis research”.

The app helps clients/patients, physicians, dispensaries, and insurance companies work together to achieve an effective solution to treating conditions/ invisible disabilities such as: chronic pain/ pain, anxiety, nausea, fibromyalgia, substance abuse, and many others.

Generally, the doctor and the dispensary cannot talk directly. Each has their system and those systems are not connected. The MyCureAll app allows communication- similar to a group chat between the client/patient, the doctor, the dispensary, and the insurance company. Beyond that- it helps in many ways:

  • Clients/ patients will be able to receive the correct strain/terpene profile for their medical condition(s).
  • Doctors/Prescribers will have access to standardized protocols for prescribing medical cannabis based on factors like: condition, age, gender, etc.
  • Dispensaries will have more efficient inventory management- cannabis strains availability based on patient needs.
  • Insurance Companies will see a decrease in spending on ineffective opioid treatments and addiction rehab programs, by providing coverage for effective medicinal cannabis recommendations/prescriptions.

The app highlights the “Puff Journey” which allows an interactive and collaborative rating of client’s symptoms as they use their medicinal cannabis. It offers the client/patient recommendations for treatment- that can be shown to the clients/patient’s insurance company, MD, and dispensary. The client/patient choses their qualifying condition and associated symptoms and “puff’s” away. The algorithm allows the client/patient to further identify the cannabinoids that meet their needs.

“During its initial conception, we wanted a platform that would provide empirical and analytical data that medicinal cannabis is a desirable opioid replacement therapy and needs to be covered by health insurance and work benefits. Our App is an eco-system, that is client centered, interactive, and will have great use in the public sector as a desirable supplemental and/or primary MAT protocol”.

MyCureAll App Values

  • Provide the highest level of care and resources to the patients, doctors, and all stakeholders in the medical community.
  • Respect the dignity of the individual and respect the dignity of the individual’s confidentiality of medical treatment.
  • Seek solutions that are scientifically and socially sound, benefiting society with better care at lower costs.
  • Responsible to those investing in our organization to create fiscally reasonable returns. While delivering significant social benefits.
  • Treat employees, partners, customers, and the communities where we live and work with respect and understanding communities where we live and respect and understanding.

Can you talk to us about the reason(s) behind the passion that drove the development of the app?

“Our team has decades of experience assisting patients suffering with addiction with no hope, and our need to help them was our driving force. Furthermore, we saw glimpses of the miracles of medical cannabis for patients, with a variety of medical disorders; however, with no proper directions on how to take, what to take, and no insurance coverage.

All of which prevents patients from being able to afford the very medicine that will treat their medical conditions. The self-medicating population can be validated for seeking approval for medicinal cannabis that is covered by insurance, which would allow coverage for all socio-economic classes.”

What are the biggest benefits of using the app, for all parties involved?

“The MyCureAll app provides a platform for targeted cannabis recommendations, for strains that treat particular conditions and lowers healthcare costs. We enable patients, physicians, dispensaries, and insurance companies to work hand-in-hand to achieve a natural solution to pain, anxiety, PTSD, nausea, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, substance abuse disorder, and many other conditions.

Through our patented technology, doctors are able to identify and recommend specific strains and cannabinoids for specific qualifying conditions and presenting symptoms.”

The MyCureAll website states the following:

We manage the costs by ensuring the patients are receiving the appropriate strains of cannabis and taking the correct dose at the correct frequency for their particular indication(s).”

Can you tell us how MyCureAll manages costs?

“We manage cost for all stakeholders in the healthcare system. We educate healthcare providers, and it gives them the confidence to recommend the proper strain. Patients know what strain and quantity to purchase to treat their specific medical condition. The dispensaries are able to manage inventory better.

By designing and generating a treatment plan that produces a statistical reduction in symptomatology- we are showing the insurance company the financial benefit for reimbursing for cannabis. We decrease the cost addiction has on our society and families.”

So, let’s say I’m a patient cannabis consumer, wanting to use the app but not sure, what would you say to me?

“If you ever wanted your medicinal cannabis covered by insurance we are here to help and lead the way-

We have an interactive and fun “puff journey” that allow users of the app to participate in developing their treatment plan. As mentioned, the treatment plan indicates the user’s reduction in symptoms in real time and compares their information to the entire population that has engaged the app.”

Do patients have to pay to use the app?


Is there an app tutorial/ demo available for review?

“There will be an app tutorial released on January 15, 2020.”

What do you say to the non-believers?

“Non-believers of the medical benefits of medical cannabis- please read our blogs, on And for medical patients, we are here with the answers to all of your questions and needs.”

Is the app ready for downloads and registration?

“The app launches January 15, 2020.”

Looking down the road- 3 years from now, what do you hope to report about the MyCureAll app?

“In three years, we hope to bring our expertise into the medical cannabis field and have insurance coverage in every state that has medical cannabis approved.

We want to be known as a medical App/Compendium for every stakeholder in the medical cannabis field. We want to expand our services into block chain controls for products and provide telemedicine/ tele-therapy.”

Please stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the MyCureAll app launch. Also, please join the MyCureAllMovement.

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